Propane Tank from Freezing

How to Keep the Propane Tank from Freezing?

January and February are the two coldest months of the year. January is almost gone, however, we still have February to survive. Our routine activities would remain affected, vehicles would take longer to start, and worse of all propane tanks keep freezing. A frozen propane tank is not dangerous

Can You Mix Old Gas With New Gas

Can You Mix Old Gas With New Gas?

Do you have some old gas residing in your garage? Thinking of using or getting rid of it? Well, let us first inform you that it’s a fine idea as the gas loses it’s combustibility quite fast. The stored gas can either be reused or be disposed of, so

Do Propane Tanks Expire

Do Propane Tanks Expire?

It is the perfect time and weather for outdoor activities and grilling. If you are planning a BBQ outdoor or thinking of a nice warm meal with campmates, cooking without fire in the wild is impossible. Therefore, before planning any outdoor event, check the conditions of those small Propane

Can Fuel Injectors Cause Misfire

Can Fuel Injectors Cause Misfire?

Misfiring is a common issue that vehicle owners have to deal with every other day. It appears quite small but the delay in monitoring can ruin the entire engine. Misfiring can be caused by several issues, fuel injectors are believed to be one.  In this brief post, we would

Can Propane Tanks Explode

Can Propane Tanks Explode In a Hot Car?

Propane tanks often explode when they are exposed to heat or fire. When the explosion occurs, it leaves the life around it dead or severely injured. In summers, when the temperature is reaching its highest it’s fair to get concerned while handling and transporting the propane tank.  When the