Propane Tank to Wall Heater

Want to know a cost-effective way of heating your living space? Invest in a propane wall heater. It is safe, efficient economical, and easy to install. Moreover, do not underestimate the power of a propane heater as it is capable of heating a 1000 sq ft area.

What everyone loves the most about propane is that it is environmentally friendly and burns clean. A propane wall heater will give cozy feels requiring only little maintenance. 

Wondering how to install? Well, this comprehensive guide will help you hook up a propane tank with a wall heater. 

How to Hook Up a Propane Tank To Wall Heater?

Only a good heater setup can save you from the freezing weather. Luckily, it is easy to install a wall heater and connect a propane tank to it. If you follow all the given steps correctly, most probably, you will not be needing the help of a professional.

  • Inspect The Rubber Wall Gasket – Before connecting anything to the gas heater, be it heater, grill, or other appliances, check that the rubber gasket is perfectly round and fully intact. Inspect it for any leaks or wear as the gas would leak if it is not in proper working condition.
  • Drill a Hose For The Propane Hose – If the propane tank is placed outside, there is a need to drill a hole through the exterior wall for the hose. It should not be too narrow or too large, just spacious enough to not compress the propane hose. Use a 2-inch drilling bit to drill a hole in the wall.
  • Attach the Hose – Now that the hole is drilled, attach the hose to the valve of the propane tank. You do not need multiple tools besides the adapter, the knob of the adapter can be tightened with the hand. Turn clockwise and keep twisting till it is tight enough.
  • See If The Heater Turns On – The final step requires you to do the ultimate test. Make sure everything is connected securely, now that everything is in place, switch on the propane tank to test the heater. If it works, congratulations, you have successfully connected the propane tank to the wall heater. If it’s not working, check knobs, ignition settings, and the valve.

Installing the Wall Heater

Knowing how to install the wall heater is necessary, especially if you have not done it before.

  • Figure out a location in the room where you can easily install a wall heater and connect it to the propane tank. 
  • The next step requires drilling some holes and inserting mounting brackets. Install the brackets as per the instruction manual.
  • Check how level it is by hanging the heater, mark the areas where the hose will travel through the wall to be connected to the propane tank.
  • With a 2-inch cutting bit, drill a hole in the marked area. 
  • Feed the hose through the hole, hook it with a propane tank, hang the heater, and test if it works.

Propane Leakage In The Heater

Often homeowners complain about how a propane leak affects the heating capacity of a propane wall heater, worry not, it is easy to fix.  Learn the usage of propane in the fireplace.

Switch off the heater, close the propane valve, and call the propane company to inspect the tank. If it is because of the hose, there is no need to call anyone, just replace the hose. 

While doing any repair keep the children and pets away, also make sure no flammable equipment is placed nearby.

Key Takeaway

Hooking a propane tank to the heater can be an overwhelming task for many homeowners, in reality, it is quite simple. Just drill a big enough hole for the hole and make nice and secure connections. 

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