Frozen Propane regulator

From mid-December to February, we have to survive heavy snowfall and extremely cold weather. During this time of the year, propane gas heaters are excessively used to raise the temperature to a reasonable level. 

However, using heaters is not any less than a struggle. You need to get the propane refilled every other day and keep the propane tank and the regulator from freezing.

Keeping the propane tank from freezing is not that hard as an electric blanket would do the job for you. Thawing the propane regulator is what most of us find tricky.

Since necessity is the mother of invention, propane users have found a million ways of thawing the regulator as well. Here is how you can thaw your propane regulator safely;

  • By using hairdryer
  • By using an electric blanket
  • By pouring on hot water
  • By leaving it outside only at the time of need
  • By placing a heating pad over the regulator
  • By using the heating tape
  • By keeping the regulator covered

By using hairdryer

A hairdryer is a versatile human invention that can be used for many purposes other than blow-drying. It is observed that a good quality hairdryer is effective in dusting out your keyboards, shelves, removing stickers, labels, wax, and crayon marks, defrosting food, stretching out shoes, shrinking wrap presents, removing wrinkles from clothes, and surprisingly thawing frozen pipes and propane regulators.

However, while thawing the frozen pipe with the hairdryer you have to be super careful. If the propane tank is leaking, the red hot elements may ignite the propane. When you are planning to use a hairdryer for the said purpose, you need to be sure that the tank is not leaked.

By using an electric blanket

An electric blanket is the safest and easiest way of doing the job. Just as the electric blanket can fix the propane frozen propane tank, it can be the best solution to the regulator issue as well.  

All you have to do is invest in some good electric blanket and keep the regulator cover. The electric blanket would thaw the regulator itself.

By pouring on hot water

Most propane users are also have been noticed using hot water to thaw the propane regulator. It is effective in thawing the regulator quickly, however, it is not a long-lasting solution. The moisture content that hot water leaves on the regulator freezes it again.

By leaving it outside only at the time of need

The best way to thaw the regulator, keep the regulator be inside when not in use. When the regulator is frozen badly, uninstall the regulator and place it inside for at least 24 hours. The regulator would thaw itself. Similarly, uninstalling and leaving the regulator in when it is not in use would prevent this issue from happening again.

By placing a heating pad over the regulator

The heating pad is just as effective in thawing the regulator as easing aching, pain, and reducing stiffness in the muscles and joints. Simply place the heating pad on the regulator and let it do it’s magic.

By using the heating tape

Heating tape is the cheapest way to get done with the regulator issue. Get a reliable heating tape and wrap it around the regulator. Wait for a few minutes to an hour, the regulator would start working again.

By keeping the regulator covered

It may not be as effective as the other above-mentioned methods. However, it will greatly help in not worsening the situation. If you wrap a recently thawed regulator with a good warm cloth, it will minimize the need to thaw

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