Can Fuel Injectors Cause Misfire

Misfiring is a common issue that vehicle owners have to deal with every other day. It appears quite small but the delay in monitoring can ruin the entire engine. Misfiring can be caused by several issues, fuel injectors are believed to be one. 

In this brief post, we would discuss if the fuel injectors “really” cause misfiring or not? If it does, what causes the fuel injectors to misfire, how it happens, what are the signs, and everything else you need to know. 

Can fuel injectors cause a misfire?

Yes, fuel injectors are often blamed for causing misfires. So, whoever told you that fuel injectors cause misfires was telling you the truth. The fuel injectors have to develop a few issues to cause a misfire. 

Dirty, faulty, or poor fuel injectors are mainly the reason for frequent misfires 

To be more specific, dirty, faulty, or poor fuel injectors cause misfires. If the fuel injector is of good quality and is kept in healthy condition, it rarely causes any disturbance or misfires. 

Dirty, clogged, or faulty fuel injectors can not always be blamed for misfires, there are other reasons as well

Indeed, faulty, dirty, or clogged fuel injectors are mainly the reason for misfires but they can not always be blamed. There are some other reasons as well that happens to cause misfires;

  • Engine mechanical problem
  • Faulty ignition system 
  • Imbalanced air and fuel delivery 
  • Sensor and module issues
  • Control circuit issue

If the fuel injector has the following issues, a misfire can happen

Poor fuel injectors can have several issues that often cause misfires. Commonly if the fuel injector

  • Smell strange
  • Delivers too much or too little fuel to the engine
  • Makes the car struggle to start
  • Causes the loss in power or acceleration 

Have the above-mentioned issues consider the fuel injector faulty. These alarming signs are actually an identification of fuel injector misfire. 

The misfire caused by a faulty fuel injector can be judged by the following signs

It’s super tough to identify the cause of misfire as the signs and symptoms of all possible misfire causes are the same. If the fuel injector has caused the misfire 

  • The engine began losing its power
  • Fuel consumption rises
  • Emission breathtakingly increases
  • Popping sounds can be heard
  • Exhausts manifold backfires
  • Engine vibrates, jerks, or stalls

Or the engine fails to start, it can be said misfire has occurred. Misfire is a common issue that needs to be addressed immediately otherwise it would damage the entire engine. 

Here is how the faulty fuel injectors cause misfires

Good quality fuel injectors rarely cause misfires whereas, poor quality or faulty injectors cause destructive misfires. The vehicle can experience various misfires when a faulty injector is a reason; it can lead to a loss in acceleration, power, and reduction in fuel efficiency. 

Dirty fuel injectors are often blamed for causing misfires. The dirty fuel injector sends vibrations, the motor feels as if it is sputtering. Such a situation mixes up the air and fuel balance, the unbalanced air and fuel level when entering the engine, causes it to misfire. If the faulty fuel injector is not replaced or the dirty clogged fuel injector is not cleaned, it would keep causing misfires until the problem is fixed. 

Now that we have been discussing the cause, it would not be fair to end the post here without communicating the treatment. 

Bonus Tip

How misfire can be fixed? 

Firstly, to resolve the issue you have to find the cause. If a dirty or clogged fuel injector is the issue cleaning and unclogging would resolve it. Repair and maintenance would prevent it from happening in the future. If the misfire is happening because of the faulty fuel injector, the injector can only be fixed or replaced. Misfire is super easy to fix but it requires professional handling. 


Yes, fuel injectors are one of the causes of misfires but they have to be faulty, dirty, or clogged to create a disturbance. The misfire caused by the fuel injector can be identified when the engine began losing its power, fuel consumption rises, emission breathtakingly increases, popping sounds can be heard, exhaust manifold backfires, and the engine starts vibrating, jerking, or stalling. The fuel injectors that are about to cause misfire usually smell strange, delivers too much or too little fuel to the engine, make the car struggle to start, and cause a loss in power or acceleration. 

Other than the fuel injector, a misfire can also occur due to engine mechanical problems, faulty ignition system, control circuit issues, imbalanced air and fuel delivery, sensor and module issues. The misfire is a serious issue that needs to addressed immediately if ignored it can cause more destruction. Cleaning and unclogging the dirty fuel injector or replacing the faulty fuel injectors would resolve the issue. Both replacement and unclogging must be done by a professional. 

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