Where Does Propane Gas Come From

Propane is a colorless and odorless three-carbon alkane gas. It was traditionally used to refrigerate food, operate dryers, vehicles, home appliances, grills, and water heaters. However, now propane is being used to power up the farm and industrial equipment as well.

This clean, versatile energy source is useful in many ways. As most of our home, farm, and industrial equipment are running on propane gas, what would we have done if it wasn’t discovered? 

Have you ever wondered where propane gas comes from? Should we be grateful for nature to reward us with propane gas? And how does it reach us? 

So, where does the world get propane gas from?

It is man-made gas fetched from crude oil and natural gas. In other words, Propane gas comes from the liquid components recovered during natural gas processing.

However, if we try to judge it a little differently propane comes from natural gas and petroleum deposits in the rocks deep underground.

Propane gas does not come from nature in the form that reaches us. It is one of the few gases that does not occur naturally but have to do be chemically engineered. 

Around 55% of the total propane gas comes solely from raw natural gas

As per a rough estimate, around 55% of the total propane gas comes from natural gas and the remaining 45% are thought to be fetched from petroleum. Natural gas has 90% methane, 5% propane, and the remaining 5% is other gases. The natural gas processing plant separates propane gas from methane and other gases. Whereas, propane gas is processed and separated from petroleum in a processing plant called a refinery.

Where do we get propane gas from?

Canada and Mexico are the two biggest producers of propane gas. Most of the world’s propane gas is imported from these countries. Propane gas reaches the biggest gas companies from Canada and Mexico.

The gas companies import and can also fetch the propane gas from curd oil and petroleum products as well. These companies import/refine, store, and sell propane gas to consumers. So, consumers get propane gas from gas companies like Foster Fuels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does America get propane gas from?

The United States of America is considered the biggest propane gas consumer. Most of the propane gas America consumes is produced domestically whereas a small amount is also imported from Canada.

What is the origin of propane gas?

Curd oil, natural gas, and petroleum wells are the major sources of propane gas.

Does propane gas come from nature?

No, propane gas does not come from nature at all. However, it is a manmade gas that is refined from curd oil, natural gas, and petroleum products.

Where exactly does the propane gas come from?

The propane gas comes from refining curd oil and natural gas. It is a manmade gas they do not occur naturally in the shape of propane gas.  

How was the propane gas found?

For the record, propane gas does not occur naturally it is produced. The said gas was discovered accidentally when a Chemist Walter Snelling was trying to figure out why gasoline in the jug causes the cork to Popoff.

What is the main source of propane gas?

The main source of propane is curd oil, natural gas, and petroleum wells. Curd oil, natural gas, and petroleum products are refined, that’s how propane gas is separated and produced.

In brief, propane gas does not occur naturally as propane gas. It comes from refining curd oil, natural gas, or petroleum products. Whereas, it reaches the final destination from gas companies.

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