Propane Does A Fireplace Use

We have all thought about transforming an old, non-working wood fireplace into an efficient, safe propane fireplace. With the winter season at its peak, it is time to invest in a brand new fireplace to warm chilly winter nights.

It is important to evaluate the propane fuel consumption to see whether installing a propane fireplace would be expensive or cheaper in the long run. Propane is an affordable fuel source used to run many appliances.

Propane fireplaces give your home a cozy feel while adding unforgettable ambiance and warmth. It sure sounds fancy, however, understand the gas fireplace propane usage first.

How Much Propane Does A Fireplace Use?

Before opting for an efficient, clean-burning propane fireplace, calculate the expenses and the amount one would be spending on the fuel.

Converting a wood-burning fireplace to propane comes with a lot of benefits. It is convenient, efficient, versatile, and environmentally friendly.

The propane usage will depend on the size of the fireplace, the bigger it is, the more heat it emits, and ultimately more fuel it will use.

Modern propane fireplaces are rated in terms of British Thermal Units (BTUs).

BTU tells about the heat output with the maximum amount of fuel. Higher BTU-rated fireplaces use more propane to put out more heat, whereas lower BTU-rated fireplaces use less fuel for moderate heat output.

The exact burn rate varies from fireplace to fireplace, for instance, a standard fireplace has 100,00 BTUs whereas a gallon of propane has 91,500 BTUs. A fireplace can run continuously for an hour on one gallon of propane.

A 50,000 BTU-rated propane fireplace uses one gallon of propane to run for every two hours.
A 30,000 BTU propane fireplace consumes one gallon of propane to run for more or less three hours.

Now, a homeowner can compare the expenses of running a wood and propane fireplace. On average, an American family spends about $57 on propane fuel every month. Using propane-powered appliances cut down significantly on our electricity bills.

Factors That Affect the Propane Usage

Even though propane tank is affordable fuel, it does not mean it costs nothing. If you are burning the fireplace every day, there is a need to set aside a budget on heating the house.

Considering the factors that influence propane usage, it will be easier to calculate the propane needed for the fireplace.

Size of the Fireplace

The propane usage depends a lot on the size of the fireplace. Bigger fireplaces and furnaces have maximum heat output and burn more propane. Check the BTU rating to estimate the propane usage per hour.


The outside weather conditions do have a direct influence on propane usage. Due to lower outside temperature, the house will require more heat to warm up the house, the more fuel will be ultimately used.

Fireplace Settings

Gas models have an edge over wood-burning surfaces because of their ability to control output. If you want to enjoy the flames and do not want to heat the entire house, limit the gas supply to use less propane during the burn time.


Because of leaks or broken operating systems, the fireplace may burn more propane than usual on heating the living space. Check the tank regularly for leaks or any sign of wear or tear.

Concluding Thoughts

The amount of propane gas a fireplace uses largely depends on your situation, size of the living space, BTU rating, outside environment, and fireplace setting. There are a lot of benefits to installing propane fireplaces. They are versatile, efficient, and health-friendly. These modern gas models are equipped with remote control and thermostats.

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