500-Gallon Propane Gas Last For a House

Of all the propane tank sizes for home use, the 500-gallon tank is the most commonly used one. When the winter hits, the propane consumption is nearly doubled. No matter what the season, the important thing is to NEVER run out of propane gas. 

A steady supply of propane is required for different household appliances to operate properly. The majority of homeowners use 500-gallon propane tanks to meet the household fuel requirements. 

Therefore, it is important to know how long the 500-gallon propane tank lasts and when to refill. 

How Much Does a 500-Gallon Propane Tank Last For a House?

A 500-gallon residential propane tank is often stored underground or in garages. On average, a US household uses approximately 750 gallons of propane in winter. So, a family needs about two full fills of propane tanks this season.

Depending on the usage and the number of appliances relying on propane, it can last from 1 month and 23 days to 14 months and 4 days. This time varies for different sizes of homes.

A 2200 sq ft or a median size family home uses about 700 to 1014 gallons. Most likely, homeowners would be needing two full 500-gallon propane tanks every winter. learn How Much Propane Does A Fireplace Use?

80% Safety Rule

Despite what the name implies, propane tanks are not filled up to their capacity. a 500-gallon propane cylinder is filled up to 80% for safety reasons. So, it only occupies 400 gallons of propane and some space is left because of the expanding properties of propane. 

Filling it to the brim could be dangerous as the propane expands and creates pressure on the outer layers of the tank. 

Factors Influencing the Propane Consumption

Some key parameters need to be taken into consideration to see exactly how long a 500-gallon propane tank lasts.

Size of the Home – These large propane tanks are installed in 500 sq ft to 4000 sq ft houses. It is simple, the bigger the house, the more fuel it requires to heat, and the sooner you will run out of the propane tank.

An average single-family house of 2200 square footage burns 750 gallons of propane every winter. Keeping these figures in mind, one can evaluate how much propane is consumed per square foot in winter.

750 gallons ÷2200 sq ft = 0.34 gallons

This is not a 100% accurate figure as propane consumption is dependent on different factors. However, it gives an idea that propane consumption is higher in big houses.

Location – Heating requirements change according to the location, for instance, houses in the northeastern region require higher BTU heating output than houses in the Southern part of the US. The 500-gallon propane tank will last longer in cities with moderate temperatures.

Weather – In harsh, extremely cold weather, propane usage is increased significantly. During the harshest winter of 2013-2014, an average American household was burning 830 gallons of propane.

Energy Efficiency of Propane-Powered Appliances – Energy-efficient, propane-powered devices with a rating of more than 90 AFUE will burn less propane as compared to 70 AFUE appliances. The propane tank will last longer when using 90 AFUE furnaces and energy-efficient devices. Learn Can Fuel Injectors Cause Misfire?

How Long 500-Gallons Propane Tanks Last For Different Home Sizes?

On average, this is how long it lasts for different sizes of homes

  • 500 Sq Ft – Expect it to last 14 months and 4 days.
  • 1000 Sq Ft – A 1000sqft homeowner can use it for 7 months and 2 days.
  • 1500 Sq Ft – The time duration is nearly 4 months and 6 days.
  • 2000 Sq Ft – About 3 months and 25 days
  • 2500 Sq Ft – Burns for 2 months and 25 days
  • 3000 Sq Ft –  Approximately 2 months and 11 days
  • 3500 Sq Ft – Nearly 2 months and 1 day
  • 4000 Sq Ft – It lasts only 1 month and 23 days

In Summary

Hopefully, these estimated figures will help you understand when to refill before running out completely. 

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